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The Container Store: The Employee as an Extention of a Brand
Mar 20, 2009

Retailwire posted a fabulous article on the C ontainer Store . At the very center of this retailer's success is a culture that has been built around their associates and how they in fact do what they do. The Container Store is a perennial nominee in Fortune Magazine's annual issue honoring the Best Places to work in America. They are ranked number 32 this year.   Kip Tindell, President, The Container Store said 
“At The Container Store, we continue to lead the storage and organization niche that we created by offering our customers solutions, not just products.  We do this by selling the hard stuff – by truly involving ourselves, heart and soul, in our customers’ needs, which results in amazing interactions between each of our customers and The Container Store’s salespeople."

This member of  the distinguished  Service Excellence companies knew, from the start, their differentiation was not going to be found in their product line.  Service Excellence became their differentiator, and they have become known for their dedication to hiring, training, and motivating great people. This is an organization that lives by the principle, “Hire for Attitude, Train for Skill.”  They believe in this formula.
Their compensation is significantly above the industry average, for both full and part-time associates.  In an industry that averages seven hours per year of employee training, The Container Store associates receive 185 hours of training in their first year.  They refer to their part-time employees as “prime-timers” acknowledging that they work during the busiest hours of the day and deserve respect.  And the result is significantly lower employee turnover.  The retail industry averages 74%, whereas The Container Store has an enviable 10 to 15% turnover rate.



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