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Try Really Connecting with Friends and Followers
Mar 29, 2009

Recent talks at several different companies, Industry Associations,  students at Western Michigan University and USC has  reaffirmed in my mind  Twitter and Facebook  are necessary "connectors" in today's busy world.  But  it has become profoundly clear to me that a meaningful personal connection in a substantive way  is still missing with these "tools". The "one to one" connection that creates memories for people is still  missing. In a small group discussion with business people and students  at the National Grocers Association convention,  many commented  positively about what I suggest below as a meaningful support to our Twittering and Facebook connecting.

What we talked about will take a bit longer than a 140 character post on Twitter or a message on Facebook, however, if you  want to really connect in a personal way , I encourage you to think about doing one extraordinary thing for one person (friend or follower) every single day.  This suggestion goes beyond your periodic "shout outs."  It would be wonderful if this "once a day, everyday" approach could become a habit for us all;  a true connection, "one on one" with a friend or follower. Just select one of these suggestions everyday.  Here's a week's supply: 

  • Perform one unexpected act of kindness  on behalf a friend
  • Make one complimentary remark about a follower
  • Create one  memory for someone else
  • Say one kind word about another person
  • Do one thing that is “not your job”
  • Reach out to someone you haven't spoken to in a long time
  • Carry out one deed of charity on behalf of someone in need

Just think about it....An everyday personal contact to friends and followers, at the end of a year will have formed a wonderful habit ......

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