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How You Do What You Do, By Bob Livingston
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Do the Common Thing In an Uncommon Way
Apr 22, 2009

The flight attendant's announcements on most airlines are quite  dull, and we force ourselves to listen; sometimes. They are routine; unless you approach them as Southwest Airlines does, by encouraging their flight attendants to get people to pay attention by presenting this important, yes routine information, creatively. Watch This!

The secret to creativity lies in doing the common thing in an uncommon way!  In a serving customers, that involves any number of customary transactions,  thus you run the risk of stagnating.  By bringing your imagination to the service encounter, you create excitement .  Creativity is new ideas.  Creativity untethers your thoughts.  Your individual creativity, combined with relevant service actions, can produce unique and stimulating outcomes. Your imagination fuels your creativity, and creativity is the key to great service.

Always ask yourself how can I be different? You must consistently challenge yourself to be different.  But how do you train your imagination to be the tool of your creative process?  How can you discipline yourself to remove the boundaries you’ve placed on your mind?  How can you eliminate your reluctance to do something different?  How do you force yourself out of your comfort zone, and take risks?  Answer these questions and your “creativity potion” will improve appreciably.  Southwest Airlines has built a world class service brand on this notion

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How you do... What you do®  

How you do... What you do gives us hope in what is perhaps the most comprehensive book published in awhile on the topic of transforming your culture into one that is renowned for Service Excellence. 

"How You Do What You Do", by Bob Livingston

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