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Getting Better at Getting Better
Jan 1, 2010

Continuous Improvement ("Getting Better at Getting Better") is what truly drives perfecting relationships.  Great leaders, business people, students, service people, parents, children, significant others, artists, athletes, friends, whomever they may be, it is feedback that drives the process of continuous improvement. NYC's former mayor Ed Koch used to walk the streets of the city and ask citizens, "How am I doing?"  Questioning others for their feedback is how we all "get better at getting better".  If we listen to feedback and learn, react to it and respond, make adjustments or change as a result of it, we will  all get better at our relationships. 

 Here's a very simple, uncomplicated approach to gathering feedback:

 Ask the person with whom you are in a relationship  two very simple and straightforward questions:

  1. “I want to make sure my interactions with you meet, or better yet, exceed your expectations.  So, please tell me three aspects you like most about my approach to our relationship.”
  1. “Also, please tell me three things I need to do better in order to improve my approach to the relationship.”

I promise you; the first time you ask these questions, the other person will likely appear dazed, nervous, suspicious, or confused.  Why?  It is because people are rarely, if ever, asked these questions by the people with whom they are in relationships.  They will be taken aback.  But their initial discomfort will ease, and your reward will be a wealth of invaluable information about  improving that relationship. 

In serving customers and client use the same approach...Clip this and retain.

Happy New Year

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