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Southwest Airlines' Colleen Barrett Flies High on Fuel Hedging and "Servant Leadership"
Jul 24, 2008

This interview published by [email protected] profiles Colleen Barrett's outstanding leadership at Southwest Airlines as she approaches "stepping down" this summer. Read Full Article

There is so much to praise and applause due this brilliant women , whose career modeled the success of SWA's legendary founder and longtime CEO Herb Kelleher. How she does... what she does is extraordinary.  Southwest and Collen have consistently lived their Mission, their Purpose and Values throughout their 35 years of extraordinary performance and consecutive years of profitably. Serving both internally and externally has always been Southwest's defining characteristics.  They never stray from this approach.  That is at the "heart" of their success.

Servant Leadership is the term this article uses in its headline.  This notion is one of the "hidden hallmarks" of great service companies.  In serving those you do, your knowledge, expertise and experience can take those you serve to a much higher level of  a superior  service experience through Servant Leadership.  That is what Southwest has successfully done through all of their years of serving airline passengers. From a frequent flier program approach, to on-line boarding pass issuance, to boarding passengers, to their accessibility for conversations with a "live person" when reaching out to them; they continually take those they serve to a better place.  Congratulations Collen on an extraordinary career.

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