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Need a tip? Confessions of a waiter
Jul 31, 2008

On this morning's Today Show Matt Lauer interviewed Steve Dublanica on his new book, "Waiter Rant: Thanks for the Tip- Confessions of a Cynical Waiter" . Watch Interview

As someone who dines out often and has great respect for all service people , particularly those professionals who work in restaurants, I was appalled by the arrogance, self-serving attitude and general disrespect Dublanica showed for those he served, while plugging his book on the Today Show. The service profession takes a great deal of criticism, at times , justifiably so.  But to hear a self proclaimed cynic such as  he embarrass himself but more importantly the restaurant serving profession by describing how some servers  may retaliate against unruly customers.  I found  his attitude distasteful and disrespectful. Good service people demonstrate quality traits such as humility, empathy for those they serve, respectfulness, and many more.  He most likely possesses none of those, at least as demonstrated in this interview.

Caring about those you serve, demonstrating that caring by your behavior and putting the other person first  are fundamentals to good service people.  His interview and an excerpt from the book , demonstrated to me that Dublancia did not understand the role of service people nor knew how customers were to be treated regardless of his feelings toward them.  To me he  knows little about really serving someone else and in those instances where he felt he was treated badly by customers, he probably got back from them,  the same attitude he communicated by how he did what he did.  What a disappointing representative of professional servers who work in restaurants.  Shame on you Dublanica.

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How you do... What you doŽ  

How you do... What you do gives us hope in what is perhaps the most comprehensive book published in awhile on the topic of transforming your culture into one that is renowned for Service Excellence. 

"How You Do What You Do", by Bob Livingston

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