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Apple Creates Good News/ Bad News
Aug 21, 2008

This past week Apple generated many news stories about the difficulties they are experiencing with dropped call  with the new iPhone Read Article and at the same time are being praised for their  Customer Satisfaction scores achieved in the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) published by the University of Michigan Read Full Story.

This highly innovative and respected company according to Fast Company and Fortune magazines prove a few very fundamental points about Service Excellence: 
   1) Because of How they do , What they do,  they are given permission by their customers to innovate and introduce new products.  Very few companies, if any out their today, have introduced more successful new products that are truly innovative.  This trust that they have established with their customers gets them through difficulties even when what they do get themselves in trouble (3G Phone).
   2)  They have differentiated themselves from those with whom they compete, not only by out distancing themselves from their competitors with leading edge technology (what they do) but receive praise from those they serve with category leading Customer Satisfaction scores (how they do what they do).

How they do... what they do is amazing.......


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