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Obama Celebrates MLK Holiday with Service
Jan 24, 2009

The multiple definitions of the word Service occupy many lines in Webster's dictionary.  The context of the word as President Obama proclaims it is "an act giving assistance or advantage to another."  This past week he celebrated the Martin Luther King Holiday by declaring that day a National Day of Service. Re ad NYT Article

He has made this notion of Service a proclaimed plank in his leadership strategy as our nation's CEO.  Helping others in an unselfish manner is at the very center of how he does what he does.  Let's reflect on the first week of his administration in serving us , the citizens.  Putting aside what he does and the problems that surround him and the country; let's just focus on how he does what he does. 

Communications are a vital component of Service.  President Obama and his team understand that importance  and in the first week of his administration communications has been his priority.  He is a wonderful communicator and he embraces all of the  tools available to him in both personal voice and technology. Thousands of books and articles have been written on the subject of good communication skills, yet these skills still continue to elude so many of us. Sadly, rare is the individual or company who could’t practice better communication skills, both internally and externally especially in these troubled times.  

Reasons for this dearth of communication are numerous, but significant improvements can come from following just three simple guidelines.  We could all communicate better by being timely, respectful and perceptive of the need to communicate and then do it.  President Obama understands this; his communication skills bear that out.Based upon his approach, we as citizens feel informed, cared for, understood, respected and focused on.  These are  some of the "soft needs" we all have as citizens in these tough times and what we all hope will be satisfied.  The new President is off to a great start.

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