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United to shift jobs from India in call-in center revamp
Feb 11, 2009

In today's Chicago Tribune Read Article it was reported that United Airlines were moving 165 customer service jobs from  India and Mexico to Chicago and Honolulu.  I feel certain that anyone who has spoken the those former locations will applaud that decision.  Experiencing how those call centers did what they did,  provides the understanding of why they will be closed and begs the question, what took United so long to reach that decision?

 After treating customers so badly through off shoring, they return call centers to the USA, but turn around and limit how customers can communicate with United about problems and concerns. If a customer has a complaint or question, in the future they are directed to communicate with them in e-mail or letter form and not the newly relocated call centers. When you dial 1-800 -United customers will be redirected to put any concerns they have about service in writing.

One of the most basic tenets of Service Excellence is always to make it easy for customers to deal with you .  Always allow them to do business with you as they choose.  Being accessible to them when and how they want you to be should be the protocol.. If e-mail works, great... but mandating how customers communicate complaints is restricting and in and of itself that process limits how you serve customers.  United reports that studies showed customers who communicated with United via e-mail tended to be "most satisfied" with its response.  Compared to what? An off shored customer service agent?

I always favor celebrating Service Excellence, and tend not to acknowledge bad service.  Everyone has enough of that in their own service encounters.  This change  by United Airlines deserves to be highlighted as being insensitive, insincere , incomplete and self -serving. "God Giveth and He Taketh Away."

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