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Why Are So Many Brand Stories Bad Ones?
Mar 5, 2009

With Social  Networking, the opportunity to tell brand stories is vast. Mickey Lonchar captured  part of the essence of this dilemma.  He talks about needs and understanding those needs that really matter.  Posting

Mickey illustrates his concern with a great example. He questions readers as to "what does it take to tell good stories about you?" He articulates the notion of  different sets of needs that all of us have in buying a product, choosing a supplier determining who in our lives we will remain loyal to. In "How you do ...What you do", I dedicate many pages to this very simple notion of Understanding Needs.    Experience has taught me that just about every relationship with those you serve is based upon these two sets of needs:  hard needs, which are satisfied by what you do; and soft needs, those intangible, emotion-based needs, which are satisfied by how you do what you do.  When you can discern and be sensitive to soft needs, you become capable of taking your customer relationships to a higher plane.  Once again:

  • A Hard Need is satisfied by “what” you do:
    Example: “FedEx will deliver your package by 10:00 tomorrow morning.”
  • A Soft Need is satisfied by “how” you do what you do:
    Example: “FedEx makes you feel certain that your package will arrive the next day, enabling you to be worry-free once it’s in their hands.”

Understanding and accepting these two disparate forms of needs is the foundation of Service Excellence. Very simple to understand, but yet in that simplicity resides the complexity.  Today's State of Service demonstrates time and again a notion as simple as this cannot be practiced broadly. Why? Perhaps  it  because understanding these more significant and meaningful needs requires a certain sensitivity  or focus or emotional connection to the person we are serving in order to understand, uncover and dimensionalize the "soft needs" we all have.

If what I am saying here intrigues you  read this excert from How you do ...What you do

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How you do... What you do gives us hope in what is perhaps the most comprehensive book published in awhile on the topic of transforming your culture into one that is renowned for Service Excellence. 

"How You Do What You Do", by Bob Livingston

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