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How You Do What You Do, By Bob Livingston
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To the right are companies or individuals I personally have dealt with  recently  who deserve recognition for the experience they create in serving those they do.  Those noted are special and noteworthy.  How they do... What they do differentiated them from others with whom they compete. They have earned my Praise for Service ExcellenceCheck them out.....

Between the challenges of escalating competition, well-informed clients, and dismal customer service, today’s marketplace is becoming more and more crowded.  The result is that your clients have more influence and choices than ever before.  If you or your organization do not consistently satisfy and surpass their expectations, your clients will take their buying power elsewhere.  It’s that simple.  But by establishing service excellence as your top strategic and cultural priority, you will foster the strong relationships needed to win – and retain – loyal clients.

Look around you... Service is dreadful.  You may not realize that you can start fixing it by improving your own service, attitude, and behaviors.  It's contagious, and it may come back to you sooner than you think.  The key is how you do what you do.  Think about your last service experience.  Was it good?  Doubtful.  To truly succeed, you must differentiate yourself and how you conduct business.  By providing the best, most memorable service, you will make yourself stand out and create raving, loyal fans. 

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